Corruption And Corruption Of The Public Sector

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Bribery and corruption in the public sector, is endemic and unavoidable in all societies 1 The supportive reasons of unavoidable bribery and corruption Bribery and corruption in the public sector have been investigated by government for many years, while such hidden bribery and corruption are the behaviour that members working in the public sector indiscriminately take actions. Bribery and corruption are due to members’ heart swell and unsound personality so as to break the public welfare nature (Tackett, 2010). The situation of bribery and corruption is severe and penetrated with different public sectors such as state administration and judiciary (Cepiku, 2004). Furthermore, its effect even gradually covers medical and educational areas. The reasons why its effect can influence the public sector are that economic, political and thoughtful factors (Anderson and Tverdova, 2003). It is understood that economic factor stimulates the corruption and bribery, because individuals tend to obtain the benefits. They will take full advantage of their own powers to obtain similar benefits. With the social development, more people involve economic activities, and their different responsibilities may cause non-standard and opaque bribery and corruption. Political factor may be another important reason attributing to the situation of bribery and corruption. Absolute power may lead to absolute corruption (Overbeck and Park, 2001). Most of bribery and corruption are due to less
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