Corruption Of Democracy In America

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Today, our nation's democracy is unarguably only alive on a small scale. Much of America's population, does not uphold a civic role that consistently supplements a successful democracy. Corruption of democracy stems directly from Americans not being able to actively take responsibility for their own society or their own futures. As a result of individuals lacking responsibility in a variety of ways, flaws in our society continue to define everything we are as part of America. By being unaware of the roots of our nation, being unaware of the significance of individuality and being blind to the community, you are contributing to the exact opposite of preserving an American democracy. Everyone in the country can uphold simple civic responsibilities, without deviating from a 'normal' American life.
I'm proud to be an American! But that saying has a different meaning to each person claiming that they're proud. "It's remarkable that each of us thinks we represent the real America," Maya Angelou quoted. "The Midwesterner in Kansas, the black American in Durham- both are certain they are real American." Do they know what they're proud of? Are they proud of our ancestors arriving and ruining the lives of over 15 million indigenous people? It is easy to get stuck in today's America without even thinking of how today's America ever developed. In 2010, an article in Sy Safransky's Notebook asks " about tearing down that collective psyche that separates the present from the

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