The Democratic Process In America

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It is extremely important for Americans and the rest of the world that America is a democracy. Democracy has been the foundation that has allowed for such a diverse populace to coexist and thrive. America is seen as the golden standard and models the benefits that come along with being a representative democracy. While democracy has allowed America to prosper as a multicultural society, it is increasingly becoming fragile. Certain aspects of American democracy like the electoral college, gerrymandering and lower voter turnout further threaten the democratic nature of America.
The United States is a nation that is comprised of many people from different nationalities, religions, and values among other things. In order to preserve unity, all
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Only eligible citizens can vote. Which are comprised of naturalized citizens and U.S born citizens. Undocumented people living in the U.S are ineligible to vote for any election. This is a flaw in American democracy because it is preventing people who live in American soil from voting on the basis of documentation status. Even among Americans who are eligible to vote, there are barriers to prevent certain groups from taking part in the democratic process. For example, during the recent 2016 Presidential election some polling places where far, had complex registration requirements or had lack of staff causing long waiting times. These factors discourage certain communities from voting, which excludes them from the democratic process ( Democracy in America is also dependent on the level of education that people have. Voting requires deep analysis between a wide array of issues that require an understanding of politics and current events. This level of analysis and understanding of political issues may not be possible unless one is educated. Contemporary American democracy is fragile due to the fact that it requires an educated populace as well as high voter participation, both of which are currently lacking because of the current ineffective education system as well as…show more content…
This is the biggest threat to American democracy. Gerrymandering forcibly concentrates power unto one specific party without approval or input from the people that live in these new drawn out districts. Gerrymandering is simply the elite bureaucracy’s efforts to take over political power without having to go through the formal democratic process of winning public elections. The widespread practice of Gerrymandering reveals the precarious situation that American democracy is in currently. It is important for the United States to be a democracy because it is an effective system of government that allows for a diverse group of people to exercise their political power through voting. However, efforts to suppress the vote of certain communities limits the scope of democracy in America. The 2016 presidential election showed the undemocratic side of American democracy thanks in part to the electoral college. Although democracy is the best form of governing the nation, contemporary American Democracy is being attacked by gerrymandering, lack of voting and the electoral
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