Corruption Of The Police Force

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Have you ever witnessed corruption in the police force on your television? Corruption in the police force does happen in real life. Corruption happens when police authority abuses their power. This paper will discuss why corruption happens, who it affects, and why it needs to be addressed. In addition, it will include three persons who have received media attention from police corruption, a discussion of laws which prevent it, a possible solution, and an interview from someone who has a career in this line of work. The issue this paper will discuss is corruption in the police force. The problem with this issue is that police officers abuse their authority in their line of work. Police corruption is a universal problem, but it is a particular challenge in countries in crisis and emerging from conflict. Any illegal conduct or misconduct involving the use of occupational power for personal, group or organizational gain is known as corruption (“Not Victimless”). Corruption happens because police officers can do things behind closed doors that no one knows about which could lead to them getting away with these types of situations, whatever the situation may be. Corruption in the police force affects us all. There is no positive outcome of corruption. Police corruption causes fear and anger in a community. People should trust their law enforcement, and when they do not, it creates a constant effect of scared reactions to the police. People who do not trust the law will
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