Cosmetic Plastic Surgery : Cosmetic Surgery

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Other failures related to cosmetic plastic surgery are often linked to the use of Botox. For instance, e all know or have seen this one person who has received an excess of Botox injections and ended up having unnaturally, protruding cheeks. Although using Botox is nonsurgical, it is still classified as cosmetic plastic surgery because it restrains our muscles from carrying out any movement. Many people believe that since this process does not involve cutting through a patient’s skin, it does entail as much danger as surgical operations. Researchers claim the opposite. Less commonly known as botulism neurotoxin, Botox is a toxin produced by a bacterium. Contact with this bacterium can actually cause the person to contract a fatal disease called botulism. Poupard expressed his concern in his work, “The same chemical that caused a dreaded disease is now used to paralyze completely healthy and functioning facial muscles and is the most common minimally invasive cosmetic procedure performed today.” Are we voluntarily putting our lives in peril simply for the sake of smoothing out unpleasant wrinkles? Has our society become too consumed by image and appearance that we have come to this point where we would do anything to become a tad prettier? Even more frightening is the fact that this medical field is largely unregulated, especially in the United States. Friedman clarifies, “…Any licensed physician can perform plastic surgery, and – in some states – even dentists are allowed to
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