Cosmetic Surgery In Venezuela Essay

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In MacDonald’s article, the point I found interesting is the role of midwives and the knowledge of delivery they impose on their clients. As most women have the notion that delivery is painful and some take it to extremity as to think of it as an illness, midwives allows their client to make decisions on how they want to birth their child, strengthen the mind and make the process as natural as possible. Likewise with Gulbas article, I found it interesting that the popularity of cosmetic surgery in Venezuela increased due to the influence of the Western world, politics and media. This attests to what most people go through nowadays as most of their decisions are influenced and affected by these three platforms. Finally, with Greenhalgh’s article, I found the…show more content…
In the case of child birthing, a scapegoat has been created through technology that discourages women from wanting to have close to a natural birth as possible with the mindset of “giving birth is hard but satisfying work that women are completely capable of performing” (MacDonald, 372). In the case of cosmetic surgery in Venezuela, the media has commercialized a certain depiction of a beautiful person and that affects the way the women view themselves as cosmetic surgery is seen to “maintain mental equilibrium and improve one’s self-esteem” (Gulbas, 197) and causes others to bully individuals that do not fit the depiction. This weighs heavily on an individual that an up-rise is now seen with men wanted to enhance their body also. Finally in the case of fat shame, the invention of BMI created by a certain group determines if you are considered skinny or fat is a “scientific uncertainty” (Greenhalgh,
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