Cosmetic Surgery : The Most Common Trend And The Causes

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Cosmetic Surgery
Have you ever thought about having cosmetic surgery? Everyone is different and some of us may want to look a different way. We are all given different features that we might love or maybe even hate. Cosmetic surgery is made for most people that want a change in their appearance. In our recent times beauty and wanting to look young is the most common trend and the causes for cosmetic surgery. The highest percentage that takes part of this surgery of course is women. Cosmetic surgery has a surprisingly history many people are not aware of. For example, the first breast implants actually included beeswax, vegetable oil and paraffin. Dr. Varaztad Kazanjian known as “Founding Father” of the modern plastic surgery during the
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By creating a more perfect appearance of the way they want to be.
For example, many people go for the more common surgeries. Such as nose surgery, breast implants or reductions. Nose surgery is usually done on a patient that does not feel comfortable with the way their nose actually looks. Some reasons for this might be because it is too big or maybe they think it is not perfect in any other way. Just like women or teens get breast implants or reductions. Sometimes they often get breast implants because they feel like they are not comfortable with the size of breasts they have. The reason for this is because they get emotionally and physically affect by seeing other woman’s breasts and they might feel like they are not perfect. Others that get reductions the causes for them getting smaller ones is maybe because they might think they have to many or they just cannot handle having big breasts. Cosmetic surgery benefits them giving them a better feeling of perfection with themselves. Cosmetic surgery is most done on females. Another example of the benefits they get is by getting a surgery they can make their selves feel much younger by the way they look. Some surgeries have a better benefit than just the appearance of making someone feel better. For example, rhinoplasty can be done to improve someone’s appearance but can also make in impact in correcting breathing problems. Cosmetic surgery provides people by boosting up their self-confidence; it can also give
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