Cosmetology Career Research Paper

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A little girl read a quote that said “ Beauty isn't about having a pretty face. It's about having a pretty mind , pretty heart , and pretty soul “ As a child, she was always interested and fascinated by the power of beauty; it's like a precise unique type of art, the type of art i'm very much interested in studying. The career of a cosmetologist is a remarkable and exciting career because of the endless possibilities of making the world beautiful. The research will describe the career of cosmetology, what is required to become successful by making people look good and feel good, and the impact this career has on society. General Duties are to wash, but being careful that you use the right products, cut, trim, and shape hair or hairpieces. …show more content…

Estheticians perform skin care treatments, massages and hair removal treatment. Estheticians are licensed cosmetologists, and their procedures entail using cleansing agents, lotions, body oils and other skin care products to help beautify and maintain the skin care of their clients . Nail technicians perform treatments of the hands, nails and feet. These treatments generally include various types of manicures, pedicures, aromatherapy treatments, and massages of the hands and feet. In addition to providing care and maintenance to the hands, nails and feet, nail technicians also apply synthetic nails and polishing agents for their clients. Makeup artists work with colors to apply makeup products to their clients, including lip glosses, eye shadows and facial foundations. Some makeup artists are qualified to provide skin care treatments to their clients using facial cleansers, moisturizers and oils, all of these fields relate to making the world a more beautiful and enchanting place simply because you can wear your hair how you want, wear your makeup how you want, and still be considered beautiful in they eyes of the outside looking into your own little personal …show more content…

All my life I wanted to do this but as I am growing up I am seeing beauty. It is everywhere, but I honestly don’t think I could be a full time cosmetologist because I do want to go to college and major in psychology so I’m seeing the need to do this part time to help me through college. Then I might just end up doing this for fun, like community makeovers you know empowering women to feel good inside and out so I’d give away free makeovers to a local mother or something maybe once or twice a month to show the community that “Teamwork makes the dream work”- J

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