Cost Of School Sports

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Most schools consider sports as an essential, which leads students to assume athletics are more important than academics. This being said, many individuals don’t identify sports as the reason why America lags behind other countries academically. Therefore, eliminating school athletic programs could benefit many districts by, saving money, raising academic levels, and providing the opportunity for students to become more involved in other activities.

There are a handful of ways that schools, and districts could save money, but many people don’t know that eradicating sports may be the most effective method. According to the research of Amanda Ripley, “In many schools, sports are so entrenched that no one realizes their actual cost,” (11). One school made the decision to suspend athletics, and they realized that “ the district could save $150,000 in one year,” after cancelling sports (Ripley 11). This is important because many schools continue to pay drastic fees in order to keep sports; they’re being unenlightened about information on how much sports cost, and schools that are financially unstable choose to keep athletics without knowing it could be …show more content…

After Premont High School canceled sports, it was proven that in their first semester, “80 percent of students passed their classes, compared with 50 percent the previous fall” (Ripley 11). According to Amanda Ripley’s research, “Athletics even dictate when school starts: Despite research showing that later start times improve student performance, many schools start before 8 a.m…” (11). Therefore, to improve academic practices, districts should start later to provide the opportunity for students to be more aware throughout the day. Many schools don’t realize that drifting focus seems to happen when sports start, causing the children’s attention to

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