Cost, Quality, And Timing

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In this stage the project contract including all details about cost, quality, and timing is presented and usually several contractors make an offer. Then a contractor (or more than a contractor based on project requirements) is selected to accomplish the site construction. Usually the cheapest offer wins; of course there might be considerations of quality.
The contractor that has been appointed to carry out the site work now will be called as the constructor, and starts to complete the building on the specified time and within the approved time and quality limits. Adequate supervision is necessary in this stage so that the defined quality standards as well as legal requirement are met.
In the Commissioning stage the constructed building is inspected for probable errors or deficits from the agreed contractual or legal requirements. It is checked whether all facilities are working properly and facilities and systems meet defined objectives and criteria. If there are any repairs or fixings essential they will be carried out in this stage.
Operation and Maintenance
Facilities and buildings operations and maintenance covers all services required to guarantee the built construction is performing well. All the constructions may not have this stage. This stage is especially for sensitive and/or complex constructions such as power plants. Operations and maintenance normally includes the day-to-day activities necessary
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