Costa Ric World Cultures And Geography

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Justine Weaver
Mr. Borland
CP World Cultures and Geography
19 March 2015
Costa Rica Vacation I’ve always wanted to go to Costa Rica or Puerto Rico, but for this trip I decided to go to Costa Rica. After graduating high school, I made it a goal to save a lot of money just to go to Costa Rica. Also, I’ve always thought that Costa Rica was a beautiful country, and I love the Spanish cultures. I knew that my cousin Josh Mooney wanted to go on a vacation to a new country, so I brought him along. Saving enough money up and planning this trip was a lot of hard work, but eventually it all paid off. Before going on the trip, I looked up the average temperatures for July, where we could visit, and booked our nights in the hotels we wanted to stay in. Since all the locations we wanted to go to were a couple hours away from each other, we chose to book multiple hotels in the areas for the places we planned to go to. We paid for some of the tickets we needed for tours we wanted to go on so we was guaranteed a spot on the buses. Also, I researched the history of Costa Rica. I found some of it interesting, and other stuff not so interesting. I learned that in 1812 Costa Rica gained independence from Spain and in 1824 it became a state of the Federal Republic of Central America. In 1838, the republic collapsed but Costa Rica became a sovereign nation. Their first real president, José Sánchez, was elected in 1889 (Costa Rica Culturegrams). In the 1970s to the 1980s, Costa Rica…
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