Descriptive Essay On La Mexicanda

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La Oñda As the wheels of my plane touched down on the runway in Santiago I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and gratitude. Costa Rica provided me with a fresh, inspiring, and eye-opening portal into the world of South America. My time in Costa was filled with self-love, self-acceptance and self- appreciation. I experienced so much growth, discomfort, confusion, compassion, generosity, exhaustion, and most abundantly, love. Beautiful workshops; some teaching me about the power of my yoni, others focusing on the knowledge of the self and the core that each individual must return to within their own body and soul. Indian temple and body appreciation dance classes, and every single beautiful artist and individual that graced me with their …show more content…

My housemate is a young girl from Quebec; she is lively, confident and strong. She is from Haiti and left after the earthquake, her mom is still there running a school there. I know I have so much learn from her soft soul and I am ecstatic for the future we have together. As for my host mom she's a young woman who gives me the freedom I desire and appreciate, yet she adores me with everything I need to feel safe, loved, and secure. People are always passing through the house and I am growing immensely more confident in my Spanish abilities. The other international students in my university are gems and I look so forward to all the experiences we have that await us here. This life is a wave I am continuously riding. Some sets provide me with great successes while others are major burnouts. A constant cycle of highs and lows teaching me to appreciate every moment I exist in. With the fluidity of water guiding me to roll with the every changing tides of life I am flowing into the places I need to be. I cannot control every detail and experience in my life, but I do control how I feel, and in that lies great

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