Costco Is A Target Market Essay

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It was in the twentieth century that the world was first introduced to a now well-known household name, Costco. In 1976 that the first Costco was opened, formerly known as Price Club, in San Diego. The philosophy of this company is simply stated, “Keep costs down and pass the savings on to our members.” ( It has held onto its philosophy of keeping prices low for almost half a century. Costco is self defined as a “membership warehouse club.” ( It provides a wide variety of brand name products in their warehouse-style store, and strives to provide all members with the lowest prices that they can offer. Today, Costco is a well known and loved company by consumers.
Costco has a target market that it is trying to reach. The target market that it is trying to reach is usually a suburban group that is somewhat older and in the middle class. ( The target consumer is in the middle class because the membership costs about fifty-five dollars a year. Therefore, the member is typically financially stable to afford this yearly cost. Costco also targets businesses by offering a special membership called the business membership. The company appeals to many different people.
There are many strengths of Costco’s business. One of the main strengths is customer loyalty. Last year in the U.S. and Canada, the customer membership renewal rate was ninety-one percent. The global customer membership renewal rate was eighty-eight percent. These high renewal rates
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