Essay on Counseling Ethics

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When a help-seeker experiences a warm and loving Christian relationship within the body of Christ, spiritual and emotional growth ensues. A counsellor then, who works in Gods vineyard, or in a church school or even a Para-church organization/charity therefore opens the gate for many new possibilities for ministry, both within the body of Christ and to the unsaved population through the body of Christ.
Without mincing words; one can say: Before a counselor, therapist, or pastoral counselor, can confidently say that he/she really knows what he/she is doing in therapy, many years would have elapsed and accumulation of experiences, training and re-training would have populated his practicing. And even with all this;
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Yet another could be a deacon, midwife or nurse engaged in alleviating physical, material and financial needs of a parishioner/ help seeker.
In all these, certain ethical actions are common to all practitioners if the help seeker will receive true divine healing through the helper. Such behaviors like confidentiality- in which help seekers information should not be divulged without his/her consent, bridging of the tongue, maintaining boundaries of relationship with help seekers, co workers and governing institutions, and Non Malefiscence, and prompt referral action- when appropriate are of paramount importance. So then, following this ethics code ensures decision making and application is credible and can bear public scrutiny.

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that addresses questions of what actions and inactions are right or wrong, questions, about morality, about concepts of good or bad actions and inactions, of noble and ignoble, justice, and virtue. It also examines why actions and inactions are measured as ethical or unethical. The Bible contains numerous prescriptions, ordinances or laws and many narrative accounts of ethical relevance. Notable are: -The 10 Commandments in Exodus 20: 1ff, The Book of Amos, Where the Prophet Called For Justice; And In The Sermon On The Mount By Jesus In

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