Counselling Reflection

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A goal for me in this class is to connect methods and modalities of counseling clients in relation to their developmental stage. In order to effectively counsel a client, a counselor needs to understand what that person can process and utilize in the counseling process. It would be unhelpful to teach child skills and patterns of thinking that are designed for an adult. Alternatively, an adult may not respond or see meaningful change. I have, in previous classes, gained insight as to why suggesting certain skills would not work for certain age groups. Reasons for that outside of lifespan could include learning ability, development of the brain itself, attention span, and interests. However, it should not be ignored that a greater understanding could be gained by learning what each development level implies in relation to coping skills or therapeutic modalities. I also wish to enhance my understanding of how a person having a negative experience in a stage could influence their ability to thrive. I can most clearly see my own life stages and important events through the Cognitive Theory of Piaget’s Information Processing. What most strikes me is that his theory was inspired by the thought that it is more important to note how a child is thinking than that they know. This is particularly relevant in a time of frustration in my grade school years. The beginning of my life span began in Sensorimotor Period which spans birth to 2 years. The most influential people in this

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