Countdown Is an Online Method of Shopping Essay

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Online shopping has been around since the start of the internet. Online grocery shopping has been has been hindered by the high cost of delivery beared by consumers. Recently, Countdown launched their online supermarket in New Zealand. This was preceded by overseas supermarkets such as Tesco, Walmart, even Amazon starting online shopping for groceries.
Nowadays, online grocery shopping offers many more benefits. However, there are still some limitations.
Countdown is virtually in everyone is home or workplace. Instead of going to the nearest supermarket, consumers can make their grocery purchases online. This makes it highly convenient for customers. Also, when customers are making a purchasing decision they can easily order …show more content…

To mitigate this, most companies offer post-purchase money back returns on any products the consumer is not happy with.
My Shopping:
I did some research regarding online shopping before I did a trial online shop. So to ensure that my results were not influenced by prior research I also got x more people to do a shop. This gives the ability to make more accurate assumptions. All the shopping results can be found in the appendices.
Countdown’s online supermarket offers numerous challenges for major brands such as Watties, Johnson & Johnson.
A technique used extensively by major companies is product differentiation . This is evident within the toothpaste aisles. Colgate could make a toothpaste which covers everything from whitening to cavity protection. However, they create more products covering one or two aspects. This is because Colgate wants to take up maximum space on the shelves.
Customers of online shopping need to click on the menus and scroll through pages of products to find Watties products. Therefore there’s more effort involved to get a certain Watties product. Consequently, companies such as Watties will need to do more advertising about their products. Watties would be hoping to achieve not only brand recognition, but also product recognition. There for the product differentiation will not work as effectively as it does in stores.
Some brands will do significantly

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