Counter Terrorism Actions Of Australia And France

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1.1 Aim The aim of this report is to discuss counter-terrorism actions in Australia and France and demonstrate their effectiveness. 1.2 Parameters This report will be focused on actions and reactions of two countries, Australia and France, after the 9.11 terrorist attacks in America. Background knowledge and information will be discussed and analyses of two countries’ strategies and responses will be given, too. 1.3 Definitions Terrorism is the illegal use of violence against governments and the public and cause panic. 1.4 Thesis Terrorism attacks are occurring every year and have caused large numbers of casualties. Despite governments around the world trying to suppress and prevent terrorist attacks, it seems to that…show more content…
2.2 Australia On 15 to 16 December 2014, 18 people were taken as hostages by an Iranian-born man called Man Haron Monis with a shotgun in the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in center Sydney for 17 hours (BBC, 2014). The hostage-taker commanded the manager of Lindt Cafe, Tori Johnson, to phone 000 and told that they are under attack (The Australian, 2015). During the negotiation with the police, Monis ordered hostages to hold flags which were written a creed in Arabic letters on against windows and he demanded to speak to the Australian Prime Minister, but the demand was rejected (ABC, 2015). Fortunately, three hostages escaped from the fire doors around 3:37 pm, followed by two hostages escaped from the front entrance around 4:58 pm (ABC, 2015). At 2:14 the assault happened after Tori Johnson, the manager, was executed by Monis and confirmed died by a sniper (ABC, 2016). Equipped with M4A1 carbines, commandos threw 11 flashbangs as they breached in, firing 22 bullets which 7 of them hit on Monis and fatal (News, 2015). Unfortunately, fragments of bullets killed an innocent hostage during the fire (News, 2015). 2.3 France On 13 November 2015, three terrorist teams of ISIL initiated six distinct attacks: two suicide bombings and four shootings. One of the bombings exploded near the Stade de France, a football stadium where the president of France was watching the game in and another one exploded in a restaurant (Reuters,
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