Counter Terrorism Actions Of Australia And France

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1.1 Aim The aim of this report is to discuss counter-terrorism actions in Australia and France and demonstrate their effectiveness. 1.2 Parameters This report will be focused on actions and reactions of two countries, Australia and France, after the 9.11 terrorist attacks in America. Background knowledge and information will be discussed and analyses of two countries’ strategies and responses will be given, too. 1.3 Definitions Terrorism is the illegal use of violence against governments and the public and cause panic. 1.4 Thesis Terrorism attacks are occurring every year and have caused large numbers of casualties. Despite governments around the world trying to suppress and prevent terrorist attacks, it seems to that terrorist activities will escalate. 4 Terrorism NAME #:Birkhoff 510024 2. BACKGROUND TO THE ISSUE: 600 2.1 Global Context Since the devastating 9/11 attacks in America occurred, people all over the world have paid more attentions on terrorism activities. Governments also realized that preventions and strategies must be taken seriously to protect their citizens from terrorist attacks. However, statistics show more than 32,000 people around the world were killed in terrorist attacks in 2014 (Clarke, 2015). The number of people who were killed in attacks in 2014 is 80% higher compared to the number of people who were killed in attacks in 2013, and, according to the Institute for economics and Peace, annual deaths caused by terrorism from

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