Counter Terrorism Operation

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Counterterrorism Operation Special Activities Staff (SAS) is one of the United States special operation forces that operate on behalf of the United States government. Its actual designation is Military Special Projects (MSP). The SAS has its Ground Branch, Air Branch, and Maritime Branch. Members of the Special Operations Group (SOG) are drawn from these branches (, 2000). The tasks, conditions, and standards of this counterterrorism operational unit within the CIA include: Tasks Conditions Standards Special Activities Staff (SAS) have been trained to carry out hostage rescue operations. The SAS can also carry out paramilitary operations like sabotage, personnel recovery, threat personnel snatches, bomb damage assessment. SAS Air Branch carries out CIA's covert aviation operations like the sea spray. An example of such operation was the arming of the Nicaraguan Contras and supply of UNITA rebels of Angola with arms. SAS Maritime branch carries out jet-ski reconnaissance and hostage rescue operations. In fact, they took part in training of the Nicaraguan Contras on how to use high speed boats in attacking Sandanita shipping. They are also capable of launching underwater sabotage attacks against ships. They are also capable of using jet skis in hostage rescue operation mission. Only those who pass initial SAS selection phase based on SAS selection course can be accepted into the group One can only be a member of SAS on condition that he
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