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HR587 Managing Organizational Change
Course Project Expectations

The Course Project enables students to integrate and build onto course materials and discussions by doing a Diagnostic Paper (Option 1) of a significant change initiative or by writing a Research Paper (Option 2) that goes beyond what has been covered in the course.

For both options the student is required to do the following: 1. Submit a Draft of your proposed paper during Week 4 so that the instructor can provide guidance and advice. 2. Submit a 15-20 page (double spaced) course project (Option 1 or 2) by the end of Week 7. Note: An Appendix may be used for background documents. Those pages do not count toward the 15-20 page paper.
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The objective is to take the topic past where the class discussion leaves it. The student should:

1. Locate additional sources that describe varied perspectives on the topic. 2. Address how the varied perspectives related to or complement what has been discussed in class. 3. Discuss how strategic change relates to the varied perspectives and whether they are predictive or explanatory. 4. Describe how a practicing manager might make use of what you have found to better manage change. 5. Write your own model of change management based on your research.

Examples include: * Change management models * Leadership styles as they relate to change * Strategic management and strategic change * Managing resistance to change * Communicating change * Diagnosis * Cultural change

Your research Course Project should focus on organizational change management and use the following format:

1. Executive Summary (15 Pts) a. Briefly describe the topic and how it relates to organizational change management b. Establish an area of concern that the paper will cover c. Provide a brief explanation of our findings and how the practicing manager can use what you found

2. Literature Review: (60 Pts) a. Describe how the topic has been addressed in the text and course assignments b. Address how

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