Court Appeal

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Court Appeal Mr. Recorder Narayan in the Manchester County Court the first time. Court of Appeal (Civil Division) heard this case the second time. Lady Justice Arden and Lord Justice Dyson are the judges that heard this appeal. The decisions were delivered after the facts had been stated and the judge's analysis had been stated. Pickfords Limited was the party that brought about this appeal. The party is referred to as the appellant (appeallant, 2013) or the claimant because they brought about the appeal. Celestica Limited (Farlex, 2013) is the respondent or defendant being the party the claim was brought against. Mr. S. Cogley's job in this case is to represent Pickfords Limited, the claimant. This case relates to offer and acceptance in the law of formation of a contract (Farnsworth, 2004) which falls under common law (Acceptance Definition, 2012). The defendant, Celestica Limited, an IT company, needed to move equipment from Staffordshire to Shropshire. The claimant, Pickfords Limited, is a project moving and moving management service company that negotiated the moving project with Celestica Limited. There were three documents involved in this case. The first document was a fax, dated September 13, 2001 from Mr. Dawson of Pickford Limited to Mr. Spencer of Celestica Limited. The offer estimated 96 loads, cost for crew, fuel, vehicle, pack, load, and unload at 890.00 plus VAT per weekday, packing materials approximately 500 units at 2.50 each, and an
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