Coverage Issues.In A Just Society, Everyone Would Receive

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Coverage Issues In a just society, everyone would receive the same level of health care coverage.
Healthcare is a fundamental human right, and you should not get more or less depending on your ability to pay for it. Most employers offer health insurance coverage as a benefit with employment. With insurance rates rising consistently, now companies are trying to offset costs by having the employee’s pay a portion of healthcare costs with a guaranteed issue. With the Affordable Care Act, people who have healthcare insurance is experiencing changes in coverage, rate hikes and making them pay more for a plan equivalent to what they had before. Not all employers offer health insurance to their employees, so they must search for health …show more content…

The Banes Family and Mrs. Jackson
The Banes’ are an African-American family who lives in the Lawndale neighborhood on the West side of Chicago. One of the poorest and sickest areas in the city. Everyone in the household is recipients of both federal government health insurances, and they receive government assistance. Mrs. Jackson suffers from health issues; her only income is Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid health insurance. Robert is on Medicare and Medicaid due to his diagnosis of renal kidney failure. Jackie and the kids are on Medicaid
Robert’s Sickness
Unfortunately, Robert never had health insurance, due to his choice of employment, and his employers did not offer health benefits. Robert disregarded his health and avoided going to the Doctor for regular check-ups. In his late twenty’s Robert’s high blood pressure escalated to renal kidney failure that could not be a cure. Luckily, for Robert Medicare has an unusual clause in their insurance coverage; End Stage Renal Disease program for anyone who suffers from renal failure qualify for insurance since under the special status his age and income did not affect his eligibility. He received a kidney transplant and continues his health care routine by having dialysis a twice a week at Neomedica Dialysis Center. Robert’s attending physician Dr. Lang is an owner of the for-profit dialysis chain. Payment for his dialysis sessions is cover by Medicare, Medicaid, and a state-sponsored program the

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