Healthcare Reform And The Affordable Care Act

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Healthcare reform was designed to help people of middle class to below poverty status afford healthcare insurance, in addition to providing quality care for everyone. When the “Affordable Care Act” rolled out, there were a lot of concerns in regards to the cost and mandating that everyone acquire insurance. The objective was to provide access to low cost insurance; unfortunately, some people remained uninsured, as a matter of fact they were unable to afford health insurance due to the amount of wages they earned.
Per an article in Medical Mutual (2017), the goals of the “Affordable Care Act” is to “provide universal access to healthcare for Americans, Control the rising costs of healthcare, Regulate the private insurance industry through …show more content…

This group of people come together collectively to discuss and create the laws that should be set forth to govern the United States. The final branch of government is the Judicial part, which consist of the Supreme Court and 9 justices. The purpose for the Supreme Court is to interpret the law of the constitution and the justices preside over cases pertaining to the constitution (Trumanlibrary, 2017).
All three branches help to develop and uphold laws and guidelines impact healthcare policies. In addition to the three branches of government, others also participate in creating policies and guidelines, such as the Professional Associations and Ethic groups, they provide influences when it comes to creating and passing laws (Trumanlibrary, 2017).
Healthcare is essential to the nature of our well- being, it provides some financial relief to individuals or families during doctor or hospital visits. Medical care is very expensive, and without health insurance it can be even more of a financial burden. However, being able to afford health insurance has been a challenge for a lot of family’s. For some, they must choose whether to feed their families, pay utility bills or make monthly health insurance payments; so, they allow the insurance to laps. The

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