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Cravens World When you first walk into Cravens World Exhibit the walls and floor are painted white, very simplistic in order to avoid overwhelming the observer. The observers eye is automatically drawn to a circular shelving system, which holds many of the aesthetic artifacts. The center piece is transparent to provide the observer the opportunity to examine objects from every side and perspective. There are no distractions in the exhibit, other than the other marvelous artifacts mounted on the wall and in clear cases. Surrounding the main circle are artifacts in display windows from all around the world. There is close to no description as to what each artifact is on the main display, only an inventory number which the viewer then has …show more content…

This goes to show that cultures aesthetics have not changed, and the tradition of beauty holds within each region around the world. When looking at the jewelry from Africa the designs between generations were almost the same and the necklaces are still considered beautiful worldwide. Since the artist insisted that the walls and floor be white and absolutely no distraction to onlookers, it required the observer “to look closely at the objects; their form, color, and other aesthetic details”(Cravens World,pg.27) This also meant that there wasn’t much written detail describing each item. For me that was troubling, because I was curious as to what exactly I was looking at and where it was coming from or how old it was. There was an inventory number for each item, but I had to then go over to the index book and look each item up and compare them from the books view. Looking the items up one by one wasn’t exactly challenging or difficult, it just distracted me from comparing the artifacts to each other the way the artist wanted me to. But maybe that is what the artist wanted? Annette Cravens may have wanted the observer to guess or decide which generation each item came from and compare it to others before learning the true details of each piece. “In Cravens Worlds, we sought to prove the “stand” but simultaneously to push the stand away, to provide the link of information, classification

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