Brooklyn Museum Analysis

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The Brooklyn Museum hosts around 1.5 million works of art of different variations. One particularly fascinating genre is the Ancient Egypt exhibition. On the third floor, the exhibit is split into two sections: Early and New Kingdom, which is separated by a conjoined gallery. Entering into the conjoined gallery, artifacts from both eras are encased in rectangular glass. On the left, is the entrance to the New Kingdom Wing. In this section, a string of spotlights illuminates each encasement with a golden warm hue. Inside some cases are miniature shaved skulls placed upon a singular black pole. In others are lapis jewelry, and fragments of etched clay pottery. Further into the exhibit is yet another enclosed space. The walls are painted midnight black and the lighting is dimmed. There are rows of laid canvas wrapped mummies and tablet remnants all separated in glass. …show more content…

Both ends of the tunnel are pitch black with the exception of the faintly lit mummies. On the boxed-in ceiling is a solid yellow rectangle, emitting a hazy light. Inside the table is a twenty-five-foot strip of papyrus marked with two hundred spells. The crisp tanned paper curves slightly to one side as to not break. The papyrus itself is smoothed out by a curation process. The piece is dated between the reign of Thutmose III and Amunhotep II from 1479 B.C.E to 1400 B.C.E.. The ends are tattered with the fringe chipped like the edges of a broken tea

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