Creating A Product, And An Affective Business Plan

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Into the Shark Tank Many student’s coming out of high school, entering a more “frightening” world known as college, have trouble adapting to their professor’s needs and wants in their assignments. Looking through the eyes of David Bartholomae and his article, “Inventing the University” he goes on about discourse. Discourse he explains is how students are expected to write several different ways to connect with the audience that they are writing for. An example of when I ran into this problem was in my Essentials of Business course. For this course, we were separated into groups in the beginning of the semester called, learning communities. We were taught every aspect of the business world, to prepare us for the future. Our last assignment for this course was to create a product, and an affective business plan to acquire investments from business professionals across the greater Cincinnati area. This assignment also required our learning community to present our final business plan to the entire university as well. Throughout the rest of my analysis, I will explain what we were required to do in order to receive an investment. We were required to make an exceptional business plan, present in a professional tone and style, show the type of convention we used, and to present to the correct audience. We managed to create a perfect product that would surely to appeal to the average consumer and the professionals that were investing. This was a great experience coming into
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