Creating A Safer And More Productive School Environment For All Students

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Creating a safer and more productive school environment for all students begins with the leadership of administration to create and take a proactive role in preventing problem behaviors before they manifest. The students and staff of any middle school certainly face challenges every single day that are never the same, but being able to address similar undesirable behaviors, why they occur, when they occur, and the how they are able to occur is analysis that must be done by all teacher and leadership teams. Identifying the problems from data from previous years or from schools similar in diversity to their own can help prevent proactively the behaviors schools do not want and reinforce the behaviors they do. However, bridging the gap on …show more content…

This is important to note since different age groups have a different needs matrix that students in those age groups will respond to or desire. A second grader has a different set of needs and wants than a seventh grader and a senior in high school. Being able to identify the needs of the student and the needs of the school-wide action plans for school improvement is key to building success in all types of schools.
According to data aggregated from over 400,000 students in middle schools and over 400,000 total Office Discipline Referrals (ODR), the top five major disciplinary issues facing middle schools (grades 6-8) are:
 Defiance 33.2% of total ODR’s
 Disruption 16.2%
 Physical Aggression/Fighting 14.0%
 Inappropriate Language 7.3%
 Tardies 6.0%
The way that schools respond to these infractions that lead to Office Disciplinary Referrals is incredibly important not just to observing behavioral change, but it can lead to academic change as well. School-wide implementation of action plans that address the needs of students and inserting supports into the general school day can lead to a reduction of ODR’s resulting in less class time being missed by students in response to each ODR. This means that students are spending more time in the academic environment which may increase students’ academic achievement and standardized test scores. Keeping students in the academic

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