Creating a High Speed Rail Line in Wisconsin Essay

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The people of Wisconsin who commute from Madison to Milwaukee and vice versa would find a High speed rail line useful for many reasons. Granted most people that commute from Madison to Milwaukee of vice versa aren’t doing it every day. They are generally just doing it once in a while. The technology of high speed rails is relatively simple; it consists of magnetic tracks repelling the train with a polar opposite magnet on the bottom. This creates a surface with little friction; therefore the train can go faster. A lot of factors come into play when the state thinks of funding this. Governor Walker rejected the funds and cancelled the project in 2010, but there are people that sill have hope. The cost of operation is in the millions per …show more content…

The states of Ohio and Wisconsin were given about $1.2 billion, but they both passed the grants up. The funds were reallocated to other states (“Wisconsin and Ohio”). For many the hope for high speed rail in the near future in Wisconsin has diminished because of Governor Walker rejected the funds, but Minnesota never stopped planning. Governor walker would have liked to spend the money on other things such as highway systems for the state and other infrastructure. After Wisconsin governor Scott Walker cancelled the funds for the high speed rail program, Minnesota continued planning. They currently are still planning a line from Milwaukee to Minneapolis that would run about 110 mph. Consequentially, it doesn’t run through Madison. The route is called the Empire Builder and the state of Minnesota plans to upgrade the line (Ryan). This line wouldn’t help commuters between Madison and Milwaukee, but it would make an easy trip from Milwaukee to the Twin Cities. The state of Wisconsin plans to pay around $57,000 of the planning for the line. That is about half, and the plan should be drawn up by the summer of 2014 (Ryan). High speed rail will modernize Wisconsin and America if implemented. If American wants to stay a modernized country and stay ahead of the others they would need to stay ahead of the technology that is not the case with high

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