Creating an EcOS Database Essay

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How to create an EcOS database?
In EcOS, data and metadata are stored in time series database. An EcOS database has some key characteristics:
• An EcOS database acts as a container for data, metadata, and objects.
• The database structure is governed by its attributes.
• Since it is a time-series database, each series stored is tied to a time dimension.
• Each time series has a default scale.
This video shows how to create an EcOS database.
Step 1. Planning. Before constructing a database in EcOS determine the processes of database creation, updating and maintenance. (You should determine the processes of database creation, updating and maintenance before constructing a database in EcOs.)
• For example, try to tThink about the attributes
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First, we need to Clickclick the Add attribute button from the Definition toolbar and . tThe Attribute dialog box appears. In the Name field, replace default name Attribute with Code. In the Data type field you should select the attributes type from the drop-down menu. For our example we leave it as Text. The Definition field is only enabled when Data type is set to Definition. In the Applies to field from the drop-down you should select what the attribute is to be applicable for. Let’s select Items and Groups. The Regular expression field is optional and enables users to set up a suggested layout for an attribute.
The following checkboxes are used for setting up the corresponding options for the attribute. For our example let’s check Unique and Requested. Then click OK. The My country definition is now updated with two attributes, attributes both the Name and Code. Save changes: Simply click the Save button from the toolbar to save any changes.
3. How to upload content for a definition?
One of the most convenient features in EcOS is that you can easily import your files to the database. Let me your how to do it. To start, I need to We have the Excel file with two columns: Name and Code of countries. I thenTo import this Excel file with elements by clicking the Import button from the toolbar of the Definition tab. The application opens the Definition import wizard.
On the first tab, I select the items to import.: It can be
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