Canyon Ranch Case Study Essay

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1. Should Canyon Ranch engage in a personalization and CRM strategy? Why? Canyon Ranch should engage in a personalization and CRM strategy because this will enable them to consolidate all their customer data into a central view. Canyon Ranch currently has a decentralized IT infrastructure. A central view will allow them to aggregate the data they already collect and use this to address the different needs of the customers in the fastest and most effective manner. The use of CRM could also be used to target specific marketing programs for individual customers. It will help the company evaluate its customers, which in turn will aid Canyon Ranch in developing features, products or services that will suit clients’ preferences. The …show more content…

• The Canyon Ranch ‘Guestware’ system, which has the potential to improve relationships with customers, could be fully integrated with CLS and other systems to provide more comprehensive customer information Threats • Increasing competition and duplication of Canyon Ranch’s services by other industries, such as medical centers • It was difficult to analyze the competition they were getting from substitute luxury purchases 3. What should Canyon Ranch’s strategy look like? Focus on Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires. Canyon Ranch’s strategy should include the full integration of the CLS and Guestware systems to give the managers on duty access to consolidated information so they can take any required actions immediately. POS software should be installed in the restaurants and salons. They should also consider online options for customer bookings and completion of health questionnaires. Customers should be able to book an entire stay online, chat with a customer representative online, as well as complete then submit their health questionnaires online if they opt to. The database used should be open and industry standard to allow easy integration with other applications and easy movement of data in the future. The database

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