Creation Mythology: The Revenge Of Cronus

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Creation myth is a story that explains the origin of all things. It also is related to culture, religion, and moreover a human's life. One famous mythology in Greek is a creation mythology. Greek creation mythology is concerned with the birth of gods belonging to the ancient Greeks. I chose this mythology because of its importance in the idea of how us humans are believed to gain consequences from a happy life. Also it displays ideas and beliefs of considering where people will go after death, and furthermore the value of forming connections with our ancestors through historical events. This mythology has been passed down from generation to generation. I'm going to analyze about the revenge of Cronus because I believe it has many humanistic traits. Also it influenced a modern society. The revenge of Cronus is a story where Cronus avenged his mother, as Gaia was unsatisfied with Uranus's affection towards the children. Gaia was known as a mother goddess who gave birth from Chaos. Uranus was one of the children of Gaia. Originally mother and child, they later became a couple. Gaia and Uranus had a total of six children. But Uranus didn't love his children. In addition, he confined his children to a hole. Gaia was uncomfortable with his behavior, so she asked her children to avenge her. No child responded to her, as a result of being afraid of their…show more content…
One of my classmates run for a president of the school union. I was impressed by his action. The advantage is teaching us the importance of considering consequences, what happens after if and when we decide and make an action. Understanding wide contexts of Greek creation myth is useful for us to apply to the study a of the big history in this course. Big history is the study of history from the time of the Big Bang to the present and how humankinds were structured. It is by relating the creation myth that we can know a human
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