Creation or Evolution - Let the Children Chose Essay

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Let the Children Choose
In America today there are many choices we have, as people we can choose to do just about anything and anywhere. There is however a place where most of the American children have no choice at all, what to believe when it comes to science. It is a mystery among men, the question that has every person in the world wonder, “Where did it all come from?” Over the last forty to fifty years, the United States Government has decided to separate church and state, so why is evolution taught? Evolution is a religion, it is not science. The scientific method which is used to test a hypothesis in science is defined as: a method of procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic …show more content…

There is not however any evidence to show once species transforming into another. Scientists proclaim that the Earth is 4.5-5.5 billion years old. How can they prove this? There is no human being that has lived that long to tell us that this is correct. The age of the Earth can’t be observed, we can only go as far back as history books will tell us, books written by people that lived in that age. On the other hand, you have creationism, which is intelligent design. There is no way to prove this either, if there is a designer, he/she has not yet come to Earth and proclaimed “I created the Earth!” This also is a theory, normally used by religions such as Christians, Muslims and Jews. Here again you can’t observe creationism happening today, as people we can’t go back in time and either prove or disprove one or the other, therefore, The U.S. Federal Government should either allow all theories or no theories and just proven facts that can be observed, to count as science. Two children walk in to their local high school, it’s their freshman year, one child that has been raised by religious Christians we will call him Joe and the other with no religious background at all we’ll call Tom. Both however while talking about the Earth have no idea how it came to pass or when, they walk into their Biology class and the teacher begins to speak about evolution, one micro-organism became everything you see on earth today. Joe immediately realizing according

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