Creationism And Evolutionism

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Creationism Vs Evolutionism The debate between creationism and evolutionism has been a topic of discussion by scientists and religious believers since the 19th century. Since the very first religion such as Hinduism and all that came after, there has been the belief of a higher being, a divine creation more powerful than humans of which has created the world of that we live in. Until 1859, Sir Charles Darwin’s book “On the Origin of Species” introduced and described a theory based solely on biological information stating how organisms constantly improve themselves generation after generation through a process called natural selection. Therefore affirming that we have evolved from the smallest of single-celled organisms from billions…show more content…
A fossil is any preserved remains, impression, or trace of any once-living thing from a past geological age. Archeologists have found fossils and remains much older than the bible and other religions say Earth is. Creationists appeal to the fact that an incredible complexity both of living organisms, and the ecosystems they inhabit. It is difficult to believe such complexity and diversity appeared and established balance on its own, whereas evolutionists suggest the idea of random development through survival of the fittest. They both accept that life forms are dying off on our planet. Both also acknowledge evolution, meaning that organisms like the Dog experience changes due to selective breeding and natural selection. No new information is presented, just different traits that were already there forming copies of DNA to remake and match the parent through offspring. At the same time, both sides seem to forget one point of view that doesn’t exactly contradict another one. It is possible God could have planned everything in advance, prepared certain elements for the universe’s creation, and then just pressed a metaphorical “Start” button, letting its ideas run its course, and allowing it to grow on it own. Or, God could have created the possibility of life, but after this, it could leave this life to find its own ways. Evolutionists stress the nonexistence of factual evidence in
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