Creative Story : A Short Story

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The trees zoomed past him in a blur, as he ran with everything he had. Each foot fall echoed with the beat of his heart. His lungs burned with the need of air, but he knew that their was no hope for rest. If he stopped or even slowed down, they would catch him. And he knew what would happen if they caught him. They were hunting him and in this forest there was no escape. Tears burned in his eyes as he pushed himself to go faster. Maybe if he lasted longer, his capture wouldn't be as painful. Flashes of his previous captures flashed before him, distracting him from his job. Teeth ripping in to his arms, legs and chest, his hands desperately trying to protect his face. The loud snarls of the warriors echoing in his ears. His fathers eyes when everything was finished were always cold as ice. And his mothers distaste for him dripping blood on her clean floor when he came home. The pain of it all hit him square in the chest and he fell to the ground. Before he knew it, he was surrounded by twelve very angry wolves. Curling up on the ground he waited, feeling the ground move as they all lunged... . . . "Leslie, you can do this!" Steph said into her phone, as she fixed her hair in the mirror, waiting for her ride. "I know it's short notice but you wont even notice I'm gone." "Are you daft, woman. Your going to be gone for six months. Six Months! We have clients who expect you to be their for them, not me. I can't do it all..." Leslie said, panic obvious in her voice.
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