Creative Story : A Short Story

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In late November of 1943 in the frost covered Arden Forrest of France, an American soldier Private Bendenski dug his fox hole. He quickly crouched down deep into his fox hole trying to deflect the deathly chill of the wind. Lost from his platoon private Bendenski had hung on the edge of survival for the last six weeks. With only crumbs of food remaining, he gathered up what energy he had left to build a fire. Preparing what he envisions as his last meal, he begins to escape into his nirvana. Wishing he was home, he sees his loving wife's face and their beautiful daughter. Quickly, he snaps back to the hell in which he is living, after hearing a twig snap in the distance. Suddenly, a thin fog rolled in and the sound of footsteps crept closer. Bendenski grabbed his rifle and staggered to his feet. forefathers Baffled he continued to search. As his dying fire flickered, he trembled at the sight of his breath rolling from his mouth. Then God sent him an assurance, a vision that he is in danger, but far from what Bendenski had believed. As he stood half frozen he heard what could have only been the devil himself. A deafening howl sounding of the Great Fenrir echoed through the forest. Bendenski could not believe his eyes as The Great Fenrir revealed himself. He marveled at this creature's size. He was in awe of its massive teeth as it circled him with its back perched ready to strike. Fenrir oddly stops moving and stared into his eyes. This sent a jolt of fear through

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