Creative Story : A Short Story

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One hot summer day, Danica, a young penguin girl from Serbia and her best friend, Andrea, penguin from Spain got on a bus to go to a brand new amusement park.
The buss kept getting fuller and fuller, making it even hotter inside. All the windows were closed and Andrea, who sat by one couldn’t resist the edge to crack it open, or better yet, opening the window all the way.
“What are you doing?” Danica asked, racing an eyebrow.
Andrea smiled as she opened the window, which took some work because it was stuck. “I need some fresh air,” she simply explained.
Danica’s eyes grew wide as she let out a gasp.
Andrea giggled, “Much better.”
Danica shook her head and tried to get Andrea to close the window, but Andrea refused.
When Danica leaned over to close it, the buss suddenly stopped and Danica fell forward. She ended up with her head out the window and slapped in the cheek by a passing bird.
Andrea couldn’t stop giggling.
At the amusement park they got in as many rides as they could. But Danica kept giving Andrea concerned looks.
“I need an ice cold drink,” said Andrea after they got out of a roller coaster.
Danica placed her hand on Andrea’s forehead and frowned. Andrea was freezing.
“You are right, let’s get you that drink right away!” Danica said and dashed off, making Andrea run after her.
Danica stopped by a restaurant, but to Andrea’s surprise, Danica ordered a hot drink!
“I wanted something ice cold,” Andrea protested when Danica gave her the hot drink.
“This will be much

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