Creative Story : A Short Story

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Tossing and turning, unable to sleep, remembering when she was a young girl, warm milk helped her to fall asleep, Marlene went to the kitchen and prepared some, but tonight it didn’t help. Picking up her purse, she whispered, “I need some fresh air.” “Should I go with you?” Jerry asked, but he knew Marlene enjoyed her ‘alone time’ as she called it. Struggling to accept the painful reality, she could no longer spend time with her mother. Driving down the tree-lined street with limbs hovering over the street as the wind blew creating eerie patterns in the moonlight. Although, Marlene had no destination in mind as she drove by the park, glancing around she remembered when she was a little girl how her mother pushed her on the swing. “Who murdered her?” Marlene questioned. Stopping at the curb, in the moonlight, she watched the wind moving the swings as the fog began to lift from the grass and looked like something from a horror movie. Turning on the engine, Marlene drove down the street, before she realized it she down her mother’s street. Parking in the driveway, she hesitated to get out of the car and listened to the radio. Weeping as the announcer spoke of the murder of Katherine Lincoln, which recently had dominated the news. Turning off the radio, she went up the steps as she had done many times. However, tonight was different her broken heart sought solace in her mother’s surroundings. She longed to touch anything belonging to her mother. Since the police had

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