Creative Writing: A Fictional Narrative

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Taking a deep breath as she heard Calahan tell her that she looked beautiful she sighed. Looking at herself in the bedroom mirror she shook her head. Bailey was insecure about the way that she looked she had always been insecure. "No, I look gross." she sighed as she reached down and pulled the dress up and over her head. Throwing it on the floor she walked back over to the closet and pulled out another dress that was blue. Slipping into it she turned and watched as he put his clothes on. Watching as he dropped his shirt and scrambled to pick it up, shaking her head she tried not to laugh at him. "Baby, you don't have to impress anyone, besides maybe my daddy. I know, he likes to be tough on you." She winked at him before turning and straightening out the dress. "Okay, better?" she asked as she turned and watched him slip into his boots. Taking a seat on the bed next to him she smiled as she thought about what he had said before they had both fallen asleep. It was what Bailey had imagined since right after they hit the one year mark. "Cal, I've known since the moment you first kissed me that you were my …show more content…

LOVE YOU." placing her phone down she grabbed his hand once more. "Cal, you've been my rock, you've been my heart, you've been my soul for three years. This right now is me telling you, I'm not going anywhere. Even if I leave I'm always going to come back, I will never leave you." Feeling a tear creep into the side of her eyes she looked away from him. Wiping it away she looked back putting a smile on her face. "I'm saying this now and I'm asking you to please be patient with me and understand. Understand that I'm scared of loosing you, I'm scared of you always having to be the one that takes care of both of us. It kills me that I can't help take care of you and take stress off your shoulders..." as she stopped herself she leaned over and pressed her lips to his kissing

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