Creative Writing: A Fictional Narrative

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“There’s my grandson!” Mrs. Martin smiled as Katie walked over holding Jeremiah’s carrier.
David quickly put the diaper bag on the ground and took the carrier from Katie. “Let’s go,” Katie said, grabbing the diaper bag. “I’m starving!”
They walked through the front of the diner and heard the faint “ding” as they entered, which alerted Rosalee, the hostess, that she had new customers. She was a very plump woman with slightly greying blonde frizzy curls that she piled on top of her head. She wore bright red lipstick and heavy blue eyeliner and everything about her bounced as she walked.
“Why, hello there!” she said cheerfully as she approached them. “You brought some guests with ya today, did ya?” she smiled.
“These are my parents,” Katie said happily, and our family friend, Stephen.
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“Hello.” Mr. Martin smiled.
“Hi.” said Mrs. Martin shyly.
“Why hello to you!” Stephen said, with a big grin, holding onto her hand as he shook it.
Rosalee shook his hand a little longer than necessary. She blushed and pulled away as she realized the group was still waiting. “Oh, uh… will it be a booth or a table, dears?” she said.
“Booth, please.” David said.
Sally’s was much like other diners, with a black and white tiled floor, black tables and red chairs and booths. They kept their specials written on a large black chalkboard over the counter. Rosalee led them to a booth in the far left corner of the
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