Creative Writing: Barb Wire

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“Woop woop!” went the police car “Hot cheese!” I yelled as I started to back away from the store ‘God why did I do that’ I muttered to myself as I dropped the rock and ran away for the broken glass then I ran as fast as I could faster than I have ever ran. I can't go back, I can't go back I thought to myself as i was slipping through the barb wire of a field of grass, miles and miles of long uncut grass so I ran in the grass that was taller than me as I was running I found a hole, bigger than me, once again and I went for it “It'll have to do for now” I said to myself while I was crawling in the dark musty damp hole in the ground “sheesh this thing could fit a bear in it, maybe even five” suddenly a deep grunt came from behind me “Oh @#%&!”

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