Creative Writing: Blood Moon

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The experiment went on for hours. With each passing hour, the blonde man’s eyes glistened with more voracity, like a glutton in an all-you-can-eat buffet or better yet, an avenger who is about to get sweet revenge on the enemy who killed his entire family. Other German men sitting behind him kept busy, excessively taking notes of the ordeal/event. As the experiment went on, their already pale skin started to lose even more color at the sight of sheer terror in front of their eyes. These men were not exactly the faint-of-hearts; they have carried out and bore witness to some of the humanity’s most heinous acts all across Europe, and yet the scenes that unfolded before their eyes were so grotesque they could not keep a straight face. One of the …show more content…

On the equipment was a small monitor marked with a scale and its arrow pointed at zero. Another man brought out the peculiar-looking iron fixture; it had a water tank underneath connected to a clear tube, and at the end of the tube was a needle that was at least three times bigger than that of a typical syringe. He stuck the needle on the subject as another man flipped the switch on, and then a bluish-hued liquid substance travelled slowly through the tube and into the subject. After thirty minutes or so, the men made sure every last drop of the substance went into the subject and took the needle out. Then they all stood in a line next to the subject and started looking at their watch as if they were timing something. The arrow of the scale on the monitor was still pointing at zero. Along with the men in the lab, the Japanese general was also looking at his watch. When five minutes passed and nothing happened, he began anxiously tapping on a table next to him. The tension was palpable in the room where the spectators were, like an overinflated balloon that would pop at the gentlest touch. Suddenly, the arrow of the scale started to move—it pointed at 20, then 30 and jumped to 70 in a heartbeat. Then, the subject that remained lifeless on the table up to that point/until now juddered violently. The general sprang up from his chair

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