Creative Writing: Dipper's Narrative Fiction

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Dipper turned his head around, right beside him was a giant monster-bat-vampire like thing staring straight at him. I mean...there just wasn't words to describe this thing. 'I can't scream what can I do?!' "H-hello Mr. Zombie." Dipper stammered. "Why're you here? The Mystery Shack is closed for the day."

"Hey kid, just cut the crap, already. I am Shinigami Ryuuku, the owner of the Death note. I think by now you know that notebook isn't a normal notebook."

Dipper fell on the floor and screamed his heart out. "AA-AHHHHHHH!" He clenched his chest as if he was about to have a heart attack him himself.

Ryuuku thought this was a good time to speak up. "If you don't want the Death not-"

Dipper slid the Death note under the chair. "GAAHHHHHHHHHH!"

The floor boards …show more content…

Ha! I guess you could say he's fried chicken?! Eh? EH?!"

"Ok that was a good one Mable."

"I KNOW! Well, Waddles ain't gonna bedazzle himself!" Mable turned around and went back upstairs.

'5...4...3...2..1' *slam* 'ok, she's in and Stan's asleep. The only thing I have to do is edit the security cam footage and everything should be fine.' "So tell me, only I can see you right?"

"If anyone touches the notebook then they'll see me but other than that, no." Ryuuk answered.

"So you're a real shinigami? Interesting...I've always thought shingami would look like humans, yeah humans with swords but now that you're here, I have some questions to ask you."


"Well, I had an idea you were coming but not in the matter of hours, are you going to reap my soul or whatever?"

Ryuuku perched ontop of the yellow chair. "No, I won't do anything to you. Once the Death note lands in the human world, it no longer belongs to me. Right now, you're the owner of that Death note."

"'That' Death note? You mean there are more?"

"Yeah, the Death note is a shinigami's tool. If you don't want the Death note just give it to someone else, however you'll lose all your memories of the Death note

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