Creative Writing: Jefferson And Clark Expedition

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About a year ago, in 1803, the Congress provided money for people to explore the new land territory that was just bought. Jefferson selected me to lead the expedition and I asked my buddy William Clark to go with me. We were asked to do quite a few things. We needed to study the geography of the territory such as the climate, rainy, cloudy, or clear days, the dates when plants grow or lose flowers and leaves, and the time animals would appear. We were also asked to learn about the Indian nations who lived out west, map a route to the pacific ocean, and be friendly towards the Indians. We are now started on our journey, and it’s the end of the first day, and I already have forgot about the things we were supposed to do considering the first …show more content…

Today is the day that we marked it to be negative 45 degrees. One of our men passed today, that is the third one this week. I am currently sitting on a log next to him. I grew very fond of him thought the trip and so after we buried him, I sat next to him just to think. I am with another man, Ron, and a few minutes ago we were talking about how crazy this journey is. We are so thankful to be able to do this, but it is a hard. Being able to accomplish these things such as find new animals, create this map, make friends with the Indians, and all is awesome, but a challenge. I have sat and watched more people die then I ever would have imagined, I have never been more sick in my life then I was about 6 weeks ago, and I have never been more scared to never see my family again. Everyday is a new challenge, but me and my buddy Ron who I am sitting with talked and decided that it is best to be thankful because we are making a huge change for the States. Sitting here next to Lukas who passed away, I thought about his plans for the journey ahead. He was the one in charge of making sure we were on track and on time. One time, Lukas was telling us that if we wanted to sleep and take a break, we could make it up by taking a different path the next day, luckily we did that, and we ended up meeting the people who are navigating …show more content…

It has been like a month that I haven’t wrote, but we have made a lot of progress, our map is almost finished, I think. I hear these loud booms and crashes, I don’t exactly know what they are but someone said it’s the ocean. We are walking, so sorry if my words are hard to read. We have smiles on our faces, we ate a good dinner last night and got a good sleep. Around me there are bushes, these little animals crawling around the ground beneath me, and a nice breeze. It is… it is the ocean. We made it to the Pacific, we accomplished our main goal, I can’t even explain how I feel. I feel like a weight has been lifted because to be honest, I began to doubt that we would make it. The ocean is beautiful, its blue and every time the waves begin to fall a flash of white shows. I cannot wait to bring more people out here. I begin to imagine the future, one day there may be a village where I am standing, stores may be put up near the ocean, and this could one day be where a little kid learns to swim. We all are overwhelmed but so relieved. I wish I could explain what I see, words wouldn't do justice. Since me and the other guys are gonna go look round, I probably won’t write for awhile, maybe not even till I get home. Just know, we made it, and it feels

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