Creative Writing: Revolting

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The man she watches controls the reality. Controls the very threads of existence, weaves his way through to create something bigger than him. It's sickening, really. Revolting is a better word for it. For some reason she keeps watching him, though. He has small habits that are hard for the eye to see, like subconsciously rubbing the Eye of Agamoto when he is nervous (Or if. The man was hardly nervous), or running his hands through his thick ebony hair. She did notice, however, that his hair is not all the silky raven color. Bits on the side are grayish white, staining his imperfection. It is the little things that catch her eye. Mana was not supposed to fall in love with the exact person she was ordered to get rid of. Being one of the last of Dormamu's followers still alive when he attacked, she did not have a choice but to follow his orders. …show more content…

The doctor probably already knows what she is doing, manipulating and pretending that he didn't know just to see her suffer. She is his enemy after all. Doctor Strange is not like most enemies, she told herself. He's compassionate and forgiving. Her better judgement faded as she thought of the man. The doctor is one of a kind, that's for sure. One day she saw him, clearly upset. Probably his girlfriend, that Christine girl he calls occasionally. Mana curled her hands into fists, her nails digging into her skin. She hardly noticed the blood, let alone the pain. She looked at him, wanting to embrace his strong grasp and tell him everything is all right. But that wasn't her job, and it never could be. Her job was to evaluate and analyze, so she could never even dream of meeting him. She never should, anyways. It is just a ridiculous, childish crush-- not for someone of her expertise. Taking him out shouldn't be a problem when the time comes. Yet somehow none of this feels

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