Creative Writing: The Dark

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The ominous creaks of the weathered wooden floorboards reverberated in her ears. Visions of the tribulations of her past consumed Dora’s mind as she feebly maneuvered her way through the deep blue chamber of anguish. Her aging bones groaned in agony as she moved through the gas chambers, driven by the possibility of a prosperous life awaiting her. With benevolence pulsing through her heart, Dora progressed, knowing the arduous journey from redemption was coming to an end.

The unmistakeable sound of the bullet resonated in her ears, followed by the sharp ricochet of the metal shell meeting the ground. The guard’s weary eyes crossed paths with hers. He watched them with cold eyes as the emaciated children wallowed in distress and trepidation. …show more content…

The bullet met the prisoner’s skull and shot through her brain, leaving scattered shards of bone everywhere. Her thoughts travelled to her beloved Guido and Giosué. Dora refrained from imagining that she would find some clothes in a pile and tried to remain calm and believed that somehow they had managed to slip past the guards. But her fears were overpowering and tried to escape through her blank face. She wondered momentarily as if she would look as though all flickers of hope had left out of her body and made her feel dejected thinking ‘what if that was my …show more content…

A single tear pushed past her closed eyes and gently rolled down her cheek. Her stomach turned, and she began to feel nauseous while her heart ached with crippling pain for her little boy.

Suddenly, three loud echoing taps of the microphone frightened her and interrupted her silent grief. She assumed that it was just one of the guards giving orders in German to the army personnel, but as her mind came back to reality, she realized this man was speaking Italian, “Buongiorno Principessa”.

Stunned by the voice of her beautiful husband, she stood up and began walking towards the entrance of the yard. All of a sudden, after some brief static, the voice changed. This voice was much softer and higher pitched.


His voice was like music to her ears and filled her with relief. Her baby boy was still

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