Creative Writing: The Vietnam War

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Despite the rivalry over military power between Fan Dou and Xia Jiang, Jingyan did not think Xia Jiang was in any hurry to kill Fan Dou. Xia Jiang was the type of man who'd rather see his fallen opponents suffer. Ever ambitious, Xia Jiang would definitely forget about smaller preys once he locked his eyes on a bigger game. The surest way: "Xia Jiang will leave Fan Dou alone for a while if Fan Dou incriminates Mei Changsu."
"How?" asked Yuan. "My father - is loyal to Mei Changsu."
"I wager that Xia Jiang will visit me soon enough," Jingyan mused. Xia Jiang would likely soon lose patience and ask Jingyan what he could make of a prisoner he couldn't hurt too badly. Jingyan walked to the medicine box that he kept next to his casket of personal …show more content…

"They say that Xia Jiang acquired a divine talent. That's how he became so powerful in the last months, but I wonder: why is Your Highness so familiar with the ongoing of our court, so knowledgeable of what is going on?"
"Divine talent," said Jingyan. To think that Jingyan's presence and intelligence alone was enough to give Xia Jiang all the power he currently possessed was foolish. He told the man in front of him, splaying out his fingers in front of him as he spoke, "Mei Changsu laid this chessboard after the Battle of BieSha, but he alone cannot move all the pieces. He gambles that not only will I see through him, I will play the game in his stead. He prepared my stage."
"Who are you fooling?" asked Fan Dou. "If you are on Mei Changsu's side, why did you help Xia Jiang acquire so much power?"
"You wouldn't feel any pain if you fall over from where you sit," said Jingyan. Lifting a finger, he indicated where the man sat cross-legged on his mat. Jingyan stood up, dusting off the straws on his cloak as he walked back to where he'd played the tray with papers. "The greater the height, the more crippling when the fall

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