Male And Female Relationships : The Gilb 's Love And The Love Of My Life

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Male and female relationships have different aspects to them. The male in most male and female relationships reflect how dependent the female will be in everyday life. Depending on how dependent the female is on the male in her life, may cause her to not be able to think for herself. The more dominant the male is, the more dependent the female will be. This statement can be proved in Fin’s “The Bridegroom,” in Gilb’s “Love in L.A.,” and in Boyle’s “The Love of My Life.”
Ha Jin is the author of the short story, “The Bridegroom.” Tobias states that “‘The Bridegroom’ takes place in Muji City.” The city that this short story takes place in affects the plot of the story because beliefs are different in Muji City than other places around the …show more content…

Huang Cheng is a dominant man. He is a man who will always get his way. Since Cheng is this way, “conflicts can’t be resolved” (“Bridegroom Theme”). Cheng began to worry about his niece, Beina because “she turned twenty-three and still had no boyfriend.” This shows dominancy in Cheng because it shows that he controls and worries about everything that Beina does. Cheng feared that “she’d end up an old maid” (365). If Beina would have ended up as an old maid this would make Cheng look like a bad guardian. It would appear that Cheng did not have good control over his niece. Cheng thought that he had found the perfect man for Beina but then he realized that “Baowen had been one of the most handsome unmarried men in the factory, and nobody had expected that Beina, stocky and stout, would win him”(365). This made Cheng realize that he made the wrong decision because it will only draw more attention to him and Beina. Beina’s marriage was not what Cheng had in mind for her. He did not expect her to enjoy it or become attached. Cheng was upset because Beina was not listening to him. He tried to use his power to make her divorce him, but her attention and focus moved to another man in her life. Cheng thought he wanted his niece to get married, but he realizes that he misses the control that he had over her. He realizes that “when Beina still refuses to divorce her husband and insists on his goodness and the inviolability of their marriage vows, her uncle

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