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Meeting the creepypasta’s
One day a girl named Toralie Rose (aka Rose) was on the way home from work. She was walking down an alleyway to go home. She found a big red button. She goes and presses it. When she presses it disappears. “What! nothing happened, well that sucks” said Rose That night something did happen.The creepypastas came to life. A few week after pressing the button,she is heading to the store to get food,she notices that someone is following her. So she walks faster. When she turns around she sees nothing. The man hides right before she turned around. She turned back around and started walking. When she was done getting the groceries, she saw the man again. When she got home and after she puts away her groceries, she went to the front porch and laid down in the hammock
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“ s...sure i’ll help you guys go h..home but how?” asked Rose
“I don't know, maybe you need to press the button again.” Slender man said
After many months, they had no luck of trying to find the button. During the months they got to know each other pretty well. Rose grew more and more closer to eyeless Jack every day. She became really good friends with everyone. Finally one day Jeff found the big red button and told Slender
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Slender man gave her a hug and said “One day we will visit again”.Rose gave Jack a large hug. After she hugged him, she pressed the button once more and they were gone when she turned around. After they disappeared, she started to cry. A few years have gone by and during that time she got married and had a child named Nellie who found the big button. Nellie pressed it and the creepypastas came back. She took them to her home and showed them to her mom who was Toralie rose. When rose turned to face them, she ran to them all and hugged them and walked over to eyeless Jack and hugged him and started to
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