Creative Writing: Wayfarer's Daddy

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"Daddy!" Clary's voice echoed into the ebony, still night, as she rode into the familiar, dark forest. The wind whipped through her fiery red tresses, creating a halo of crimson waves which flowed gently down her back. But the only mere answer/sound she received back was the mere echo of her own voice. The air was strangely still, and silent as glass, yet very frightful and stagnant, and it filled her heart and soul with the utmost dread. The only sound that she could hear beside her voice were Wayfarer's loud, excessive whining. "Daddy!" she called out once again, as her father's horse continued to spin around in circle's. She could feel his heart racing a million miles an hour, as she placed her hand against his soft, silky neck. "Wayfarer,

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