Creative Writing: Why Are You Still Here?

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Why are you still here? Don’t you think it’s enough that you have brought me down to the cold ground and now you are here to laugh at me aren’t you. Or maybe you are here because you felt guilty for once in your pathetic life. That’s it. You finally have hit the point where you finally feel guilty or at least realize what you have been doing, but did it really have to come to this for you to realize it? I really still can’t believe it has come to this. No, what I really can’t believe is that you would go this far and do this...Beep. To me. Yet, I guess it was fate for me ever since I left Paris and move here to America to live an American girl life. Well, a non-American, French Korean emo girl trying to make a life. That’s what you call me…show more content…
That’s what I thought for the longest time as the bullying kept going on and as it did I felt myself falling and slowly becoming numb and cold. Kinda like how it feels cold in this small white room that we are in. Beep. I sometimes wonder, as I stay in this room watching you and your brother, what would happen to me if I never met your brother and later his and my friends. I guess I might not be here or won’t be able to help others who are going through what I been through. I also might not be able to be happy and feel love by others who aren’t my…show more content…
I guess I have forgotten about it for a while, but Alex helped me unlike you. So tell me, why did you really treat me the way you did. Was it because I wasn’t like all Americans, because I was emo, but yet I don’t do what Americans think emos do. Beep. Or is it because you were jealous of me. Jealous that I am dating Alex, have great friends and family, and able to do fun things like going to Under the Bridge Hangout. Tell me please. Why do you hate me that you have to cause my American life to be like enfer? Don’t you dare look away from me! Look at me and tell me it all. Or at least tell me why you did this to me. Three nights ago. I don’t don’t remember much of that cold, dark, and quiet night. I only remember hanging out with Alex and some friends for a while before I started to walk home alone since it was a nice night. Beep. Beep. Alex was going to walk with me, but something came up and left before I did, which I was fine with, but that was before I saw bright lights coming at me as well as laughing and shouting. Beep. Black and red. When did I saw those colors? Beep. Beep.
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