Creativity And Education ( Conventional Wisdom )

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Emma Whatton
English 101
September 17, 15 Creativity in Education
Conventional wisdom has it that concepts of creativity include art, dance, and literature; but, the core of creativity focuses on creating something new. The comprehension of creativity and its importance in education allows one to maintain better problem solving skills, remain innovative, and excel beyond the years of ordinary schooling (“Creativity and Education”). Cognitive psychologist Jean Piaget once said, “The principle goal of education is to create men who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done”. Two recent articles discuss and challenge this issue. The first, Mr. Secomb’s article, “The Seeds of Growth: Why Creativity is Important in Education”, was originally published in his school newsletter and later appeared April of 2013 in the blog “Inquire Within” where “educators from around the world share their thoughts”(“About”). In this article, Secomb argues that creativity is a multi-step process part of a bigger goal: innovation throughout the world. The second article, Dr. Kitchen’s, “The Importance of Creativity in Education Technology”, was published April of 2015 in ETS Magazine, otherwise known as “Education Technology Solutions”. Kitchen argues that school systems are too similar to what they have been in the past, which is hindering students’ creative and critical skills in the education process. Although the author of “The Seeds of
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